FEB shower sows APR bloom

2013 plays images

April, 2013 is shaping-up quite nicely at www.timcwest.com.

April 1 was the due date for the submission to be Artist in Residence at Cabrillo National Monument, based largely on the same script submitted to Scripps Ranch Theatre.

April 14th, there’s a private reading of my script, Lights Out on Point Loma, for Scripps Ranch Theatre’s “Out on a Limb.”

A series of ten-minute play contests at Play Submissions Helper: http://playsubmissionshelper.com/  inspired me, and I determined to try my hand at a ten-minute play a week for that month. I continued into March, so am building up a repertoire of ten-minute plays to pull from.

By mid-month, I’ll hear back from two places where my ten minute verse play in rhymed couplets is under consideration yet.  It’s is about the death of Christopher Marlowe, May 30, 1593, and is in the style of the period.  Chesapeake’s Red Bull Theatre (which does lesser-known dark classics, a tragedy and Restoration comedy) and Cambridge, UK’s SkyBlue Theatre (which performs in a little room at Marlowe’s old alma mater, Corpus Christi College) are both interested. Red Bull required “heightened language” and the theme of “Greed.” SkyBlue wanted texts that are playable in their space in roles filled by university actors.

On Saturday, April 20th and Sunday April 28, the first of the ten-minute plays I wrote in February, Comfy Chair, will have readings at matinee performances. It was written for the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, which required submissions based on one of three prompts of artwork in their gallery. Mine was based on a charcoal sketch by Liz Maughans, depicting a lone over-stuffed easy-chair  an empty room, with the legend “Don’t Get Too Comfy, Pal.” In the play, a man comes home early from work to find his wife running late from picking up their son from soccer. Television news transmissions set the stage for the family’s transition to something completely different.  And yes, it features the Monthy Python sketch.

Now that we are into April, I will have more nights off from Cuckoo’s Nest and more prompts for further work. I’ve already written two  ten-minute plays about tennis rackets, Imaginary Friends and Goldberg Variations, for the Weathervane 8×10 Festival, deadline May 6th. Imaginary Friends is based on Strangers on a Train, adapted for the screen by Raymond Chandler and directed by Alfred Hitchcock.                 Goldberg Variations is based on funny paper contraptions and the music of J.S. and is about hanging onto mementos and memorials when parental devotion and medical devices fail. Those will be done before the end of the month, though they aren’t due until the middle of May.

Let’s see what opportunties the Spring brings.

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