ADAPTING: a Summer 2020 emerging artists adventure

Artists and creatives of all varieties are confronted with the need to adapt existing performing arts forms and practices to new conditions.

But how do we ADAPT existing material in an unfamiliar situation when we don’t know what that situation is, and it is likely to shift across the future and is unlikely to resolve soon?

You find models. People who’ve lived through similar situations, who made choices, some of which work.

Let’s take an hour each week across the most unique and consequential summer of our collective lifetimes, to help each other generate the kind of thinking and shaping of materials that will serve to make our future as artists and creatives. for details

Week 10: Hello, Old Friend!

So, Once Upon A Time, I had a webpage –on WordPress, and at some point plopping down $18 bucks per annum to drop the WordPress.

Though it’s been years, it is apparently still accessible and even updated in terms of dashboard.

What reminded me?

More to come.

“Watch This Space.”