Great Reckoning at Red Bull

Rehearsing Great Reckoning in a Little Room at Playwrights Horizons

for Red Bull Theatre’s Obie Award-winning ‘Revelations Readings,’              May 2013.

The playwright with actor Zach Appleman (Robert Poley) and then the cast (Chris Conn as Kit Marlowe, Eddie O’Bienis as Ingram Frizier, TonyTorn as Nick Skeeres) with director Risa Brainin, at 2:29-2:44:


The excellent CAST that read my work for the first time:

Red Bull cast

Gazing at the window display at Playwrights Horizons, I saw by reflection a figure approaching me from behind. Then a voice said “Is thatTimWest?” Great fun being recognized on 42nd Street, even if only by my fellow playwright, Arthur Holden.

red bull writers

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